Thanks to a decade of documenting and analysing the solar industry, Becquerel Sweden's representatives often serve as experts at various public events. We offer our knowledge of the solar market through presentation, moderation and panel participation at events, seminars or webinars. In addition, we can assist in the planning or organization of such events by helping to find other suitable speakers in the industry.

Let us know if you want to know more about what presentation titles are in our portfolio or to discuss a tailored approach. We are happy to be part of your seminar program.

Lectures, comments & opinions, moderation and seminar participation

Lectures, comments & opinions, moderation and seminar participation
We are happy to assist with our voice to your podcast, course or seminar day. Get in touch with us to know more or tailor a lecture to suit your event.

The podcast
We comment on the Swedish and international solar energy market in radio and podcasts. See example below.
Media appearances in the form of participation in national TV, radio, podcasts and interviews on issues related to the solar market, policy issues and sustainability are something we are comfortable with. Contact us for more information and reference material.
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Selection of previous lectures:
datespeakerClientseventPresentation title
Sep 2022Johan LindahlEU PVSEC, MilanWCPEC-8
Industry Summit
How much local production is needed? Current situation for European PV manufacturing
Sep 2022Amelia Oller WesterbergSolar Plaza, CopenhagenSolarPlaza Summit NordicsGet Up to Date With the Nordics PV Market
May 2022Johan LindahlDalarna UniversityEnergy CaféFocus on the development of the Solel area
Nov 2021Amelia Oller WesterbergSwedish Solar Energy, onlineWebinarPresentation of the IEA-PVPS report on the Swedish solar PV market 2020
Oct 2021Johan LindahlPhotovoltaic Austria &
Austrian Photovoltaics
Technology Platform
Symposium on PV and electricity storageThe European Manufacturing Industry - The work of the European Solar Manufacturing Council
Sep 2021Johan LindahlSolar Plaza, StockholmThe Solar Future NordicsAccelerating the Renewable Energy Transition in the Nordics
Sep 2021Johan LindahlEU PVSECSolar Industry ForumKeynote speech: Local manufacturing and security of supply
Jun 2021Johan LindahlEnergy companiesWebinarLarge-scale solar in Sweden
Jun 2021Johan LindahlPV Magazinepv magazine's Roundtables EuropeRoundtable: Panel discussion - What is the rationale for Made in Europe PV?
Sep 2020Johan LindahlSolar Plaza, StockholmThe Solar Future NordicsAn overview of the Baltic Sea Regions PV Market
Jun 2020Johan LindahlArctic SolarArctic Solar ConferenceFinal seminar
May 2020Johan LindahlEnergy Research, OnlineSolele's future role in SwedenDevelopment of the global PV market
May 2020Amelia Oller WesterbergEnergy Research, OnlineSolele's future role in SwedenDevelopment of the Swedish PV market
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