At Becquerel Sweden, we work exclusively with topics related to PV, and there is usually a link to data collection, generation or analysis. Often we have ongoing research and development projects suitable for diploma projects, suitable for engineering students, specialising in fields such as renewable energy, IT or engineering physics.

We have a good understanding of the importance of the thesis for the individual student, and hold experience of supervising both on-site and remotely. We are happy to offer our graduate students a desk at our office in Knivsta.

Expression of interest

We regularly advertise possible projects for graduate students. You can find these through our linkedin page.

However, opportunities are not limited to our calls, and we are ready to design a project based on your profile if it fits our projects and we have the capacity to host a graduate student. Ideally, you should contact us at least a few weeks before the start of the course. It is also possible to send a letter of interest and we will get in touch if a suitable project arises, please send your CV and a covering letter to:

Degree projects

PeriodTitleGraduate workersProject description
Jan 2024 - ongoingMarket analysis of the remaining potential for solar energy installations in different market segments and demographic statistical areas.Erik Ekstrand
Fredrik Hermodsson
The purpose of this thesis is to identify the penetration rate of solar energy installations in relation to market segments and demographic statistical areas. The study will focus on analyzing what is the remaining potential for future installations in the studied areas, and whether socio-economic conditions have an impact on the potential.
Jan 2024 - ongoing Implementing a snow loss model to improve the accuracy of hourly simulated solar power generationGustav ÖhgrenThis project aims to improve the accuracy of hourly simulated aggregated solar power production during the winter months. This is done by implementing a snow loss model that estimates if a PV system is shadowed by snow, thus determining a possible loss of produced solar electricity.
Jan 2024 - ongoingFurther development and optimization of the CNN classification algorithm Alfrödull for more accurate identification of solar energy systems.Erik LindvallThe aim of the project is to investigate improvement areas such as extended training data, implementation and evaluation of different image pre-processing steps and optimization of current model parameters for the highest possible performance of the classification algorithm Alfrödull. Thus, a more accurate final model can be produced. The goal is to use the model for reliable mapping of photovoltaic and solar thermal systems in Sweden.
Sep 2023 –Feb 2024Current state of the EU photovoltaic industry
— An in-depth look at the ingot-wafer supply chain
Oscar Rodolfo Ortega AlvaradoRead the report here.
Jan 2023 -
June 2023
Simulation of decentralised solar generation at municipal levelSara Ericson
Lisa Molin
Read the report here.
Jan 2023 -
June 2023
In-depth study on the European value chain for building-integrated solar cells Gerardo López Pinto Y Velasco Fredrik ÖzarasRead the report here.
July 2022 -
June 2023
Mathematical modelling of inverter power output in solar parksShashidhar SuragimathRead the report here.
Mar 2022-
Jan 2023
Further development of a global statistical tool for estimating solar power deploymentAlbin ÅbrinkRead the report here.
Jan 2022 -
Sep 2022
Socioeconomic analysis of the solar PV deployment in three Swedish municipalitiesSofia EkbringRead the report here.
Sep 2021 -
Jun 2022
Simulation of the impact of an increase in installed PV power on the price of electricity spot marketsSaga FahlénRead the report here.
Jan 2021 -
Jun 2021
Further development of a global statistical tool for estimating solar power deploymentLova Rosenqvist
Ulrika Gustavsson
Read the report here.
Oct 2020 -
Apr 2021
A study of value factors as a tool for Swedish electricity system analysisErik SjöströmRead the report here.
Apr 2020 -
Sep 2020
Revision of installed solar PV capacity in developing markets through customs data analysisAmelia Oller WesterbergRead the report here.